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            • SQRL Pilots Sweep 2020 French Championships

              SQRL Pilots Sweep 2020 French Championships Thumb

              The 2020 French National Championships have come to a close, with the top 5 pilots in the event all flying SQRL. Congratulations to Max Diebold, who took first overall by a comfortable margin flying his 2020 CR+. He was...

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            • Marc Pfiffner is 2020 Swiss Champion

              Marc Pfiffner is 2020 Swiss Champion Thumb

              Marc Pfiffner is 2020 Swiss Champion. The 2020 Swiss Championships at Triegen have come to an end, with Marc Pfiffner in first overall. Congrats Marc! He flew his CR+ in the event. Thanks to Reto Nyffenegger for organizing ...

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            • Danish Nationals 2020

              Danish Nationals 2020 Thumb

              Ulf Wins Again At 2020 Danish Nationals The Danish performance scene remains strong, with a well-attended National event, even in the time of the ‘Rona 2020. Ulf Munkedal once again is champion, flying his CR+. He says...

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            • 2020 Norwegian Nationals

              2020 Norwegian Nationals Thumb

              After 9 rounds of jumps, the 2020 Norwegian nationals wrapped up with the current world champion and SQRL team pilot, Espen Fadnes, in first overall. Our friends Andreas Hemli and Remi Damgaard joined him on the podium in...

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